Deploy Web Role

In this article we can explore Deploying a Web Role to Azure.


There are multiple ways to Deploy your Web Role to Azure:

· Visual Studio Publish

· Azure Portal Upload

Visual studio

Let us start with Visual Studio deployment.

Open the project in Visual Studio & Choose the Cloud Service > Publish option.


You will get the prompt to choose the Azure Subscription.


Continue the wizard & choose a unique Name.


Click the Publish button in the final page of the wizard.


Wait for few minutes for the Deployment to be completed.


Once the deployment is over, you can click on the Web app URL from the Deployment window.

You can see the Web Role home page being launched.


Azure Portal Upload

In the Azure Portal, Click on the New > Compute > Cloud Service.


In the appearing window, enter the web role name & select the deployment package.


Deployment package can be found in the Package folder after running the Package command in Visual Studio.


Package file is shown below.


You can upload the above package to the Azure Portal and Complete the deployment.



In this article we have explored Deploying a Web Role to Azure.

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