Azure Storages

In this article we can explore about Azure Storage.

Azure Storage

Azure Storage is a Microsoft managed Cloud Service.

Azure Storage is highly available, secured, durable, scalable and redundant.

Data Services

Azure Storage now contains 3 Data Services:

· Blob Storage

· File Storage

· Queue Storage

Blob Storage

Blobs are basically Files like excel, pictures etc.

Blobs are stored inside Containers similar to Folders.

Blob Storage provides URLs for Universal access.

File Storage

File Storage is like Network File Share.

File Storage uses SMB (Server Message Block) protocol.

File Storage provides URLs for Universal access.

Queue Storage

Queue Storage is to store messages.

Queues Storage is meant for Asynchronous communications.


More Storages

Additional to above storages there are:

· Table Storage for storing structure data

· Disk Storage for storing disks




In this article we have explored about Azure Storage.